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Am I proud out of my mind? Hell, yeah. Today has been the best day. I get the SAT out of the way... I no longer have a research paper to worry about... I'm going to a birthday slumber party for Nancy in a few minutes... I got the second Moulin Rouge CD... and I get to CG for the first time in what seems like months! I finally finished the Vimes thing! Hurrah! Go me.

Guards! Guards! -- "Coronation" scene (aftermath)

Comment because you love me. I love you right back.

I really like the background, for some reason. It isn't even a real background! It's just there, eliminating any annoying white space. But I still like it. You wouldn't believe how many coats it took until I was satisfied. If it were an actual painting, the paint would be several inches thick. I also love the kid's teeth. And the bottom part of Vimes' shirt. Hell, I like it all. The flag says "Ankh-Morpork", for your reference.
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