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Joy and Evil (mostly joy) - Priscellie's Livejournal
October 2012
Thu, Jul. 11th, 2002 05:29 pm
Joy and Evil (mostly joy)

Dear Your-Site.com Customer Service Representative,

With a merry song in my heart and a smile on my face, I strolled happily to a Cybercafe to check up on my website and my friends' weblogs. However, when I alighted to the nearest terminal, a notice met my bewildered eyes, metamorphosing my joyous countenance to one of confused irritation. Might I ask why my website has been "Temporarily Disabled"? I reside at theninemuses.net, for your reference. Please get back to me as soon as possible, so that we might come to a resolution to this sticky conflict as soon as possible.

Priscilla Spencer

But I shall not let this ruin my glorious day! I move the inexplicable evil of Your-Site.com from my mind, and instead concentrate on how I spend most of my afternoon. In a word, Neil. In several more words, NeilNeilNeilNeilSQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!

At lunch break today, I scouted out the Barnes & Noble of Joy, where I took note of all locations integral to this evening's festivities. I got a couple copies of Coraline, then went to a comic book store to find the first few issues of Sandman. Unfortunately, they didn't have Preludes and Nocturnes, the first book, but they told me that in one of the thousands of boxes clogging the arteries of the checkout line, four copies were there to be found. As lunch break was nearly over, I told the employees that I would return at 4, once they had unpacked the boxes.

I squealed endlessly throughout the class, unable to concentrate. As our room was absolutely freezing cold (and I *never* get cold, normally), we were allowed to move next door, which was much warmer, due to the fact that our room is supposed to be an insulator. Joy. Later, a guy came in and told us that our two models had colds, due to the fact that they only had a small heater to keep them "warm". Yeep. So many people were complaining that they're letting us turn off the air conditioner, which is a merry blessing. Hurrah! It's no longer sizzling in New York, which can be a bit of a let-down, because I won't be able to cook omelettes on the pavement any more. Sigh. I'll have to cope.

Finally, 4 o'clock rolled around. I squealed to the class "Does anyone want to go with me to meet the most famous person no one's ever heard of?", quoting his bio from a recent magazine article. Alas, no one. I went back to the comic book store, where no one had even started opening boxes, so I grabbed an employee and started opening them with him. Remembering the statement "it's always the last place you look", I suggested opening the one on the bottom first. Nothing. We gradually worked out way around, grabbing random boxes, eventually reaching the last with no luck. They re-checked the invoice, which said yes, 4 copies of Preludes and Nocturnes had been shipped. A few irritated minutes later, after some frenzied digging, we found the copies in the last box we had opened. What fun. I got the first 4 issues, then scurried off to Barnes & Noble, clutching my vast book collection, my satchel, and my portfolio. What a sight I must have been! What the hell kind of sentence was that? Hurrah!

The 4th floor, home to the Gaiman-y goodness. I learned that we could only get two books signed, plus as many Coralines as we wanted. After a great deal of fretting, I decided on two copies of Good Omens, one for me (with the hopes of getting it signed by Terry Pratchett as well later on) and one for Alicey, as promised. I ended up with four copies of Coraline, one for myself, one for some person I forgot (do you remember, Renata?), one for Alicey, and one for a person who will remain namelessly surprised (but for some reason I randomly get the urge to know Seejiles' address). Hope you're all happy!

In the audience, I sat by a girl named Natalie who looked disturbingly like Rebecca. Behind me sat a crowd of similar-minded fans, as well. One girl used the word "Shibby!", provoking me to inquire "Boy Meets Boy?", which resulted in much joy. Most of the fans I met also loved Terry Pratchett, so all was joyous. After two hours of joyous discussion (I like getting places early), Neil arrived in a flurry of applause. At this reaction, Neil stage-whispered to the B&N introducer "Don't let them know who I am!" Hilarity. It turns out that Neil is one of those wonderful, amusing people that you really want to go up to and hug. And he's really tall.

He read us Chapter 3 of Coraline, which was absolutely charming--he has a wonderful read-aloud voice, and Coraline is a perfect book to read aloud--then gave a brief Question and Answer session (all of which I will make available to anyone who wants to pay me shipping). Then we gradually lined up by number to get our books signed.

To put the matter to rest, Neil Gaiman says that Lincoln is better than Wilson. I have audio proof. His exact words were "You want me to say Lincoln is better than Wilson?" (Me: Yes.) "Okay, I just said it." Ha! And he pronounces it "uh-ZEE-rah-phale" (Natalie: Yes! I was right!), though he admits that Terry says it should be "Ah-zee-RAH-fy-ell" (Me: Go me!). Jolly good.

And I hugged him. And Natalie and I gave him gingerless ginger cookies. And I have photos. A merry time was had by all! I went back to my dorm, still internally squeeing with joy, only to find even more joy awaiting me in the form of a letter from Brenna. Hearts, hearts, hearts to Brenna! Muchas smoochies and hugs (which, of course, have lingering Gaiman vibes, as he was the last person I've hugged). I shall send you a joyous letter and perhaps a preview snippet of some MAA stuff to thank you for the WONDERFUL drawing of Percy you sent! I shall hang it on the wall next to my LotR poster. Muaha. ::hearts::

Love and Gaiman-hugs to all! Now comment, or I won't post audio snippets when I get home!

Current Mood: overjoyed
Current Music: chapter 3 of Coraline, read by His Neilness


Thu, Jul. 11th, 2002 06:49 pm (UTC)

i am SO jealous ^_^ but miiiiiiil gracias! and yay preludes and nocturnes! yay sandman!
... yay neil!

um. yes. oh, aand you so need to mp3erize neil talking about lincoln when you get home :)

Your Own Personal Jesus
Fri, Jul. 12th, 2002 01:08 am (UTC)

I sat by a girl named Natalie who looked disturbingly like Rebecca

Me Rebecca or other Rebecca? =P

To put the matter to rest, Neil Gaiman says that Lincoln is better than Wilson.

NEVER!!!! I will never rest! HOW COULD HE?! I will not read any of his works now. *frowls and pouts*

Glinda the Good: Officially!
Fri, Jul. 12th, 2002 07:22 am (UTC)

You Rebecca. XD As soon as I get my film developed, I'll show you. ::merrily waves Lincoln flag::

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Hippie Geek Girl
Fri, Jul. 12th, 2002 06:41 pm (UTC)

Heheh... I was gonna say.. I think the only photo of me you've seen has my face nearly covered by my hat.

As it should be, really. Sadly, I'm not very photogenic.

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Fri, Jul. 12th, 2002 09:40 am (UTC)

Oh, that sounds like so much fun! :) I need to read Good Omens, I think...