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Bad Thoughts - Priscellie's Livejournal
October 2012
Fri, Dec. 20th, 2002 06:25 pm
Bad Thoughts

As Monica enters the Discworld Fanfiction universe, we initiate a conversation on Unconventional Pairings. Let the horror begin!

agent_starling_1999: Finished disc wars. Must look up more fanfic
agent_starling_1999: all I want is Vimes. He can be shipped with Sybil, Vetinari or Angua, or not shipped at all I don? care.... jsut not Carrot
agent_starling_1999: hehehehe
agent_starling_1999: *looks for more fanfic*
spockmonkey4: *laughs* For a second, I thought you meant "shipped" as in "sent via post office", and that's what you wanted for Christmas. XD
agent_starling_1999: *giggles*
agent_starling_1999: I would very much like a Vimes for Christmas
spockmonkey4: All I want for Christmas is Samuel Vimes.
agent_starling_1999: *giggles*
agent_starling_1999: brb
spockmonkey4: naw, I'd take Carrot. The age difference would be too great for me and Sam
spockmonkey4: *schnoogles late-teens/early-20's!Carrot*
agent_starling_1999: ah, who cares about age? He is fictional! Id never go for a man in his early 40s, but he doesnt exist, so who cares?
spockmonkey4: *laughs*
agent_starling_1999: I need to go find myself a nice, real man
agent_starling_1999: and definitively under 25
spockmonkey4: *nods*
agent_starling_1999: but in the meantime...
agent_starling_1999: *schnoogles Vimesy*
spockmonkey4: *wishes Various Discworld characters were real*
agent_starling_1999: oh, me too
spockmonkey4: you know, if they were, I'd try for Carrot, but I'd probably end up with Ponder Stibbons, knowing me. *sighs*
agent_starling_1999: *laughs*
agent_starling_1999: The geeky type is definitively my type
spockmonkey4: *nods*
agent_starling_1999: but I like a bit of mystery most geeks lack
spockmonkey4: *grins*
agent_starling_1999: But I adore men with glasses
agent_starling_1999: glasses v. important
spockmonkey4: but not Vimes or Carrot with glasses
spockmonkey4: icky
agent_starling_1999: *laughs*
agent_starling_1999: Vimes with glasses!
spockmonkey4: thick ones!
agent_starling_1999: tehehehehe!
spockmonkey4: with geeky frames!
agent_starling_1999: *dies*
spockmonkey4: *points and torments Vimes*
agent_starling_1999: Young Vimes with big geeky glasses!
spockmonkey4: awwwwww!
agent_starling_1999: we torment him because we loff him

agent_starling_1999: *is trying to read V/V slash without giggling like an idiot*
agent_starling_1999: *so far nto working*
agent_starling_1999: *falls off chair laughing*
spockmonkey4: *laughs*
spockmonkey4: I haven't tested the waters yet
agent_starling_1999: so far, they are amusing, but I cant take it seriously
spockmonkey4: hehe
agent_starling_1999: at least so far its not as pathetic as the Frodo/Sam smut fest Cassie would make me read last year
spockmonkey4: *laughs*
agent_starling_1999: with a really good author, the pairing could work
spockmonkey4: *nods*
agent_starling_1999: *snort* Strained but luminous face?! Gah, this is too much
agent_starling_1999: *more giggles*
spockmonkey4: *snorts*
agent_starling_1999: nervous teenager!Vetinari is too weird for me
spockmonkey4: *snorks*
agent_starling_1999: *tries to keep on reading*
agent_starling_1999: Gah. I cant
agent_starling_1999: I really cant take OOC smut
agent_starling_1999: specially sweet and loveable smut between these two. It simply does not work.
agent_starling_1999: Its good for a laugh, though
spockmonkey4: ugh
spockmonkey4: "oh, Sammy-baby!" "oh, Havvie!"
agent_starling_1999: couldnt get past the kissing
agent_starling_1999: *giggles*
agent_starling_1999: Only Sybil can call him "Sammy", and only if he glares afterwards
spockmonkey4: no, she calls him Sam! He will never be "Sammy". *makes face*
agent_starling_1999: I know, I know... but I might *tolerate* it if she did
spockmonkey4: ah
spockmonkey4: yes
agent_starling_1999: Vetinari cannot, EVER, call him Sammy
spockmonkey4: maybe if she were very drunk
agent_starling_1999: I am not entirely sure he could call him Sam
spockmonkey4: oh, Shammy...
spockmonkey4: *nods*
agent_starling_1999: *dies laughing* drunk!Sybil?
agent_starling_1999: that might be scary
spockmonkey4: *giggles*
spockmonkey4: note to self: if I ever write fanfic, must include drunk!Sybil scene
agent_starling_1999: *laughs*
agent_starling_1999: of course, not as scary as sweet V/V luuuurve
spockmonkey4: *dies*
agent_starling_1999: Maybe she can get drunk after finding out about V/V?
spockmonkey4: XP
spockmonkey4: bad Moni
agent_starling_1999: as long as she doesnt end up with Nobby, I am fine with it
spockmonkey4: gah!
spockmonkey4: *claws out eyes*
agent_starling_1999: *dies laughing*
agent_starling_1999: Opposites attract, you know
spockmonkey4: Sam is enough of an opposite, thankyouverymuch
agent_starling_1999: true
agent_starling_1999: aw, you are no fun
agent_starling_1999: yay for UC Discworld pairings!
spockmonkey4: *parades about with "I am no fun" banner*
spockmonkey4: *laughs*
spockmonkey4: hmm... who next?
agent_starling_1999: hum....
agent_starling_1999: lets break Carrot/Angua up
spockmonkey4: C/P!
spockmonkey4: Angua/Gaspode!
spockmonkey4: *snorks*
agent_starling_1999: its too canon, too mainstream. As rebels, we must create new, bizarre couples
agent_starling_1999: excellent
spockmonkey4: *nods*
agent_starling_1999: and Carrot/who?
spockmonkey4: Carrot/me. *frowls*
agent_starling_1999: please not Cheery
spockmonkey4: *dies*
agent_starling_1999: *glares*
agent_starling_1999: fine
spockmonkey4: Carrot/Minty! He still carries the torch!
spockmonkey4: Carrot/Dee?
agent_starling_1999: I will then ship Vimes/Vetinari/Me. Because I *do* know the meaning of the word fun
spockmonkey4: ohdear
agent_starling_1999: this is ending up on your LJ, isnt it?
spockmonkey4: yes
agent_starling_1999: ah well
spockmonkey4: *laughs hysterically*
agent_starling_1999: *is both laughing and crying*
spockmonkey4: Angua/Lupin? Crossover fic?
agent_starling_1999: *laughs* Well, they would understand each other, thats for sure
spockmonkey4: Angua/Percy the Wonder Dog (Moving Pictures)
spockmonkey4: but that conjures images of Angua/Percy Weasley, which is just scary
agent_starling_1999: *dies laughing*
agent_starling_1999: Percy needs a blonde with character
spockmonkey4: wait... the dog's name was Laddie, not Percy. Percy was Gaspode's unflattering nickname for him
agent_starling_1999: but I was thinking Fleur

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still merrily swashing her buckle
Sat, Dec. 21st, 2002 09:54 am (UTC)

*vehemently can't spell but still thrusts Carrot/Vimes flag in both your faces*