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NY Comic Con Post--FINALLY! - Priscellie's Livejournal
October 2012
Tue, Mar. 13th, 2007 01:15 am
NY Comic Con Post--FINALLY!

Hey, kids! It's time for the promised MASSIVE NEW YORK COMIC CON post of doom and awesomeness!


After class, I took the P2P bus to NY (way more convenient, hygienic, and timely than the Chinatown bus), which should have taken two hours but ended up taking just over three because of traffic. No matter! I listened to some of Kevin Smith's Smodcast and read Wells' The Time Machine, which had been read in my sci-fi class before I joined up, but until now I hadn't before found the time to catch up and read.

I'd hoped to arrive in time for the Buffy trivia challenge at 6:30, but I didn't actually get in to the con until 7:30, as I realized a block away from the convention center that I'd left my ticket at home. This became the first in a Series of Unbelievably Stupid Events that added zest and charm to an otherwise fantastic weekend. Fortunately, Ko was in the room and able to find my ticket number, and Savior Jimmy was able to talk the ticket guy into replacing my weekend pass for free. TRIUMPH!

I chilled briefly with Jimmy and Joe at the Comic News Insider booth, then scurried down to the Special Events Hall to check out the SciFi Friday event at 8. They were going to screen Sunday's episodes of The Dresden Files and Battlestar Galactica, and Paul Blackthorne (plays Harry on Dresden) was to be in attendance! As it turned out, Jim Butcher (author of the book series) was there as well, and they allotted 15 minutes for questions from the audience. (Pics: Jim and Paul, Jim and his obligatory can of Coke, Paul) You can check out the intro and the first question on YouTube here! Unfortunately, it cuts off before it got to my question--I was the second person to the mic. But no matter, because that moment is seared into my memory!

Me: Hey, Jim and Paul! My name is Priscilla--I go by Priscellie on the forums...
Jim: *does a gleeful "YOU! I POINT AT YOU IN DELIGHTED RECOGNITION!"-type gesture at me.*
Me: *does an equally squeeful, cheerleader-y punch-the-air gesture*

This completely overwrites the rather scarring memories of completely humiliating myself in front of Stephen Colbert and an audience of 1.2 thousand people (no exaggeration. seriously. There were some 1200 people in attendance at a totally packed Irvine Auditorium, all eyes fixated upon said humiliation) three years ago. It wasn't even a funny humiliation. But who cares? Jim is happy to meet me! He didn't even look afraid that I was going to ask the kind of ridiculously nitpicky timeline question I'm known for on the forums (I maintain the Timeline), which of course I wouldn't. I recognize that this audience of hundreds does not care if Ramirez was actually present at Harry's trial despite being a maximum of eight years old at the time! As geeky as I am, I refuse to do anything that will make me compare myself in the privacy of my mind to those kids in Galaxy Quest.

Moving on!

Saving my own questions for Jim's signing the next day, I asked a question Becky gave me: "Does the scene in Summer Knight in which Murphy fights a monster with a chainsaw at a home-improvement store owe anything to Evil Dead?" Jim scoffed dramatically and responded, "Come on, do I look like the kind of guy who would make an Evil Dead reference?" Heeee. I then asked them if they would sign my ridiculously huge Dresden TV subway poster, and they agreed to do so after the screening. An aide told me to sit in the front row reserved for VIPs until that time. Therefore, during the screening, I was seated some ten feet away from Paul. Excuse me while I griiiiiiiiin uncontrollably.

After the Dresden screening, Jim and Paul and their small retinue needed to leave, but I managed to snag Paul for an autograph. The room was still dark, as BSG had started without intermission, so we found a lit spot of floor where he could see well enough to sign. As we walked, I told him about the theory I formulated after seeing his guest-star appearance on Monk, whether he has some clause in his contract that stipulates he must kiss a different pretty girl in every episode of TV he appears in. He laughed and did that adorable Paul/Harry grin, and it was sixty thousand times more meltworthy because it was directed at ME. *happy sigh* I was too squeestruck to think of getting a photo with him, but I'm still a more than happy camper!

BSG was entertaining, but I was still delirious with Paul!grin glow and autograph squee. I tried to call a couple of my fandom friends afterwards, but neither answered. Boooo. After that, I met Joe and a bunch of his fellow comics podcasters, who were having a late dinner and generally enjoying themselves. Quite nifty.


I woke up early to do my makeup and costume stuff. (Picture--minus the makeup) I dressed up as Molly Carpenter of The Dresden Files book series, mostly because she had the most... ah, distinct appearance. Joe became the first of many to do a double take when he saw me in my crazy wig. I grabbed my poster, Jim's latest book, and Jim's wife Shannon's new novel (as she's almost always at his side at signings, though she wasn't this time), then after a great deal of primping on my part, we were off!

Stupidly, I forgot my gloves, and I neglected to listen to the helpful voice that said "Hey, you're wearing a fairly short skirt. Howsabout you put a pair of jeans on under it, then change at the con so you don't freeze on your way there?" The voice that's supposed to belong to Sensible Me said "Nah, you're only walking a total of six blocks. You'll be fine. 20 degrees isn't THAT cold!" Of course, I wasn't banking on them not letting me in as soon as I arrived. They let Joe in because he was press, but like a total idiot, when they asked him if I was with him, I said no. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. I have no idea why I said this, because I *was* with him! I was going to be helping out with the CNI booth later that day!

Anyway, that single syllable doomed me to just over an hour wait outside in The Line. And, OH THE LINE! Fellow Browncoat Mike described it best in his photo post: "Starts at W 40th, near 12th Ave. Runs along W 40th to 11th Ave, then down 11th Ave to W 34th, then along W 34th back towards 12th Ave, down a ramp, under the street parallel to W 34th back along towards 11th Ave, around the corner, and in the door -- to another line. Did I mention it's 20 degrees out?" I arrived at 9:30 and was lucky enough to get in line at the corner of 34th and 11th, thanks to the prudent and timely Kristin and Kathleen. We didn't get indoors until past 10:30, and we didn't get into the Buffy panel until about 10:40. Ah well. It gave us time to catch up! I also encountered the first bunch of many to hit on me because of my awesome wig. If mom hadn't absolutely forbidden me from dying my hair unnatural colors, I'd consider doing something similar for real.

The Buffy panel! Nick Brendon was conspicuously absent, but we still got all sorts of fun people! In attendance were Juliet Landau (Drusilla), Jonathan Woodward (hat trick: played Holden on Buffy, Knox on Angel, and Tracey on Firefly), James Leary (Clem), Bianca Lawson (Kendra), Dennis Christopher (Cyvus Vail--the sorcerer on Angel that killed Wes), and Larry Bagby III (random Sunnydale High student Larry Blaisdell). There was a shout-out to fellow NYC Browncoat Unemployed Skeletor in the audience, which was entertaining, and I got to hook up with Suze and Sami, more fellow Browncoats from the PA Shindigs. Yayfun! They went on the doublt-take list, as well.

Afterwards, they brought out a big "Ten Years of Buffy" cake, and Bianca Lawson cut into it with a replica of Faith's knife. Between cuts, Jonathan Woodward imitated the Faith knife-lick scene, then IMMEDIATELY STARTED CUTTING INTO THE CAKE WITH IT AGAIN. I got the first slice of post-lick cake, and I joked about selling the "Jonathan Woodward Saliva-Cake" on eBay. Then I ate it. It was delicious, saliva and all!

The BSG panel--featuring James Callis (Baltar), Tricia Helfer (Number Six), and some random guy from Marketing--was a delight, especially when it was announced that it would be moderated by Kevin Smith! He actually occupied a good half of the panel with his own questions rather than going to the audience immediately, which I appreciated. His questions were way more interesting and funny and original than most of what the fans were coming up with.

At one point, James was waxing philosophical about the quality of special effects and level of detail that went in to the series, and he brought up the moment in the miniseries when Roslin is getting her cancer diagnosis. He mentioned the window with ships flying by in the background, and I and three or four other people shouted out "SERENITY!" When Kevin questioned us, we explained that one of the flyby ships was a Firefly-class transport. "Dude, don't ever f*** with Browncoats," Smith advised the rest of the audience. He then added, "These cats are all crazy about a show that isn't even on anymore!" Then Tricia revealed she used to date Nathan Fillion. Kevin asked her if this was before or after she got married. A splendid time was had by all! Well, except Jimmy, who left early to interview Blair Butler and surprise her with a visit from John Cassaday. You can hear her reaction to his sudden appearance in their post-NY Comic Con podcast. It's highly amusing! I'm kind of kicking myself for not leaving when he did, despite the hilarity, as I know Keith is a massive Blair Butler fan, and getting her autograph for him would win me a personal slave for life.

I grabbed lunch (taking out my fake lip ring as I ate, because I kept feeling like I was going to swallow it), then went to the Worldbuilding panel with Brian K Vaughan (Y the Last Man, Runaways, Ex Machina, et all), Jeff Smith (Bone), and J Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5). It was highly enlightening, though I kept missing large snatches of panel because I kept having to duck out to use the restroom, then realize I left my bag in the restroom, then use the restroom again, etc. It was annoying, as the fishnet body stocking I wore meant that I had to take off my entire outfit to use the toilet. Must plan more efficient costumes in the future.

Afterwards, I went to hang out at the CNI booth for a while and helped sell tickets for their raffle and whiled away the half-hour until it was time for the Jim Butcher signing. I headed over ten minutes before he was slated to begin, only to find he'd already started! I got in line (about ten people were before me, though the line kept getting longer behind me as I waited) and giddily waited for someone to recognize my costume.

And waited.

I struck up a conversation with those next to me in line, guessing that people just hadn't noticed me. Eventually, after going for broke and remarking to the folks behind me that I was surprised no one had recognized me, I discovered that this was because they were all TV converts, and they either hadn't actually started reading the books yet or they hadn't gotten as far as Proven Guilty yet. We chatted about the TV series and how it was so exciting that it was converting so many people to the book series.

Then I got to Jim, who glanced at my wig and my shirt and burst out laughing. Yay, costume justification! I don't think he gets many cosplayers, much less cosplayers dressed as someone other than Harry. I got him to sign the massive 50.5x26 inch Dresden subway poster, plus a copy of the new edition of Storm Front for my Great Episode Source. The couple questions I asked him were fairly short and lame and mostly about the pronunciation of certain names, as I didn't want to take too much of his time with so many people clamoring for his autograph. I got a couple pictures of us, though! Both blurry, alas. His shirt says "I am not a minion of evil. I am upper management," for those curious.

You can get a better idea of my costume in this picture with Unemployed Skeletor, this picture with the crew of Serenity, or this picture of the girl(?) with the best costume ever, The Kraken. She had a sign that said "I ated Jack Sparra."

After that, I cruised the floor a while, but didn't find anything I absolutely had to have, so I returned to the CNI booth. John Cassaday came by briefly to show off a giant print of his cover for the Tek Jansen comic, which Stephen Colbert had autographed for him. "Thanks for giving me a physique," Stephen wrote. I was amused. :D

I sold tickets to the raffle, then helped out with the raffle itself, which was a great success! I got to play Vana, which was fun, and Jimmy got Unemployed Skeletor to read off the tickets, which was hilarious. Then a bunch of friends that wouldn't be around for Sunday's raffles gave me their tickets, mwaha! I ended up with some 21 tickets, only six of which I bought myself. Afterwards, Jimmy went home to take a nap, as he was exhausted and sickly, and the rest of our group went to dinner.

The dinner was organized by podcasting friends of Joe and Jimmy and held at a restaurant that was surprisingly upscale for a place called "Renaissance Diner." I met fellow PA Shindigger Josie there, who hugged all our fellow Shindiggers before looking at me and realizing who I was, then squeeing and hugging me as well. She gets added to the double-take list! Also in attendance was Bonnet Bob, Suze's husband. Dinner was delicious, though the portions could have easily fed four people. Sami and I broke into song, proving that I can act more drunk while sober than most people act while actually drunk.

Jimmy arrived at the tail end to join us for the bar crawl, which was fairly short for Joe and me, as we were tired and only interested in having one drink before heading back. I ordered a Cosmopolitan that was probably being strong enough to strip paint off the walls, and for the first time in my life, I got tipsy! Yayfun! A splendid time was had by all.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

The next day, I learned from my mistakes and got an exhibitor guest pass so that I didn't have to wait in line. I mostly chilled with Joe and Jimmy's sister (who has a great rack! </running>) and her fiance Bob and friends at the CNI booth (Jimmy had stayed out until 5AM and needed his beauty rest (also, ward-off-debilitating-illness rest), and therefore didn't arrive until 11 or so). The duo that does Utopiates came by and hung out for a while, and Joe interviewed them for the podcast. I spent some time coveting the Heroes pilot script (autographed by the entire cast and much of the creative team), which would be raffled off later that day. There were Gollum noises involved.

I continued to sell tickets for the raffle, but as I had so many tickets, they asked that I not be behind the booth for the raffle itself, as they wanted to avoid the inevitable allegations of rigging. (Pictures: Joe, Jimmy, and Erica, and another) The raffle was set up as a series of "lots" of comic books, many autographed by the creators, and I ended up winning two of them: Volume 9 of Ultimate X-Men (signed by Brian K. Vaughan) and a bunch of issues of Red Sonja (autographed by John Layman). Go me!

Afterwards, more friends who wouldn't be around for the last raffle gave me their tickets, and I ended up with 31. Zounds. As a result, at the second raffle, I totally cleaned up! I won an embarrassing number of times, so in an attempt to be fairer to the other participants, half the time my ticket numbers were called, I told them to pick someone else. My pride and joy was issue #50 of Fables, autographed by Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, Todd Klein, and a couple others whose names I can't make out. I also landed the four issues of Living in Infamy (signed by Ben Raab, plus John Cassaday on the first one, as he did the cover); Wasteland (signed by Antony Johnston); the 2006 convention exclusive variant of Week One of 52; alternate-cover issues of Identity Crisis #1, Superman #204, Frank Miller and Jim Lee's Batman and Robin #1, and Infinite Crisis #1. I also won the first TPB of Batman Year 100, autographed by Paul Pope with a little Batman drawing on the inside cover, but I was feeling magnanimous in my good fortune and gave it to some random guy that congratulated me and said how much he'd wanted it. Raf, another of Joe and Jimmy's forum friends, also won a lot of stuff. Our combined raffle swag!

After that, we packed up the booth and headed out. Joe, Jimmy, John Cassaday, and another of their friends (Erica? Gah, I fail) went to dinner before my train home. It was a bit of a walk to the restaurant, and Cassaday proved himself even more perfect by offering to carry my rather heavy bag. Man, you don't make it easy for the rest of the men of the world, do you, John? How are they supposed to compete for my affections when you're handsome, phenomenally artistically talented, genuinely nice, and also gallant and chivalrous? *sigh* Ah well. My mom found a guy like that, so hopefully I'll find one, too. :D

So in sum:

JIMMY IS AWESOME for too many reasons to count, though motivating me to go to the con in the first place is a big one. Joe is wonderful for putting me up for the weekend, so I didn't have to fork over massive gobs of cash for a hotel room. My fellow PA Shindiggers are made of love, and I hope I get the chance to see you guys before my inevitable move to the West coast. The various people that hit on me because of my wig and fake piercings (I'm looking at you, Fat Jedi that told me to call him "Demos" and hung out by the CNI booth for like an hour) have done wonders for my self-esteem and therefore deserve delicious pie. Jimmy and Joe deserve an extra slice of pie for mentioning me and my costume in the Con wrapup episode of the podcast (Episode 78, 22 minutes in). Made my day, guys!

Yay New York Comic Con! Now go listen to Comic News Insider. You know you want to.

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baberaham lincoln
Tue, Mar. 13th, 2007 05:58 am (UTC)

Aww, sounds like supermuchfun! Hooray! And I've already commented on the awesomeness of your costume, but again: totally hot.

Glinda the Good: Officially!
Tue, Mar. 13th, 2007 06:26 am (UTC)

Supermuchfun is an understatement! And yay for hot costumes. :D

ReplyThread Parent
Tue, Mar. 13th, 2007 06:14 am (UTC)

First, beaucoup de thanks for a fabulous con report! Clearly you had a great time - and reaffirmed my love of Kevin Smith!!

Second: move to the West Coast???!!! BWAH! But, but, (wibbles) what about the East Coast and Phauxcon?? [sobs.]

Glinda the Good: Officially!
Tue, Mar. 13th, 2007 06:23 am (UTC)

Yes, alas! I'm applying to Blue Sky in White Plains, but other than that, all the studios I'm looking at for job prospects are on the West Coast: Pixar, Dreamworks, Laika, Vanguard, Rhythm and Hues... I'm going to do everything I can to get to PhauxCon this fall, though!

ReplyThread Parent
Bad judgment; good taste!
Tue, Mar. 13th, 2007 06:35 am (UTC)

Your costume is adorable!

And it sounds like you had sooooooooooooooo much fun. Glad to hear it. :D

Major Major Major Major
Tue, Mar. 13th, 2007 11:45 am (UTC)

I honestly don't understand anything (UNKNOWN FANDOM WAAAH!) but you look awfully good!


Sun, Mar. 18th, 2007 06:08 am (UTC)

Alright! I found another person who met me! Rock on.


Mon, Mar. 19th, 2007 06:50 am (UTC)

hey! i, too, have a random livejournal. though i never use it. (as my few LJ friends can attest.) anyway...this is JIMMY. yes, THE JIMMY who is so awesome in your wrap up. :) thanks for all of the kudos. some random stuff:

-erica is actually EMILY. yes, there's a story there. i'll tell you off line. :)
-yes, the wig gave you double-takes, cuz it was a funky wig. guess what? i'm betting you get double-takes w/o it and just never notice it. you're a purty girl and all!
-sigh. more cassaday loving. what DO we other guys have to do. oh, i see. be born pretty and talented. i'll have to wait for the next life. and did HE pay for your dinner? no, maam. I DID! :P
-we were actually in the kevin smith panel when i had to leave for blair. i missed the BSG panel. :(
-my sis (shut it about the breastage!) and bob arrived w/ me on sunday around 11:30.
-i didnt realize you were given all of those tickets! nice!
-you gave away the pope trade?!!! damn..you WERE feeling magnanimous.
-you left out the part about fat jedi (or "Fatakin" as we called him) when his light saber prematurely went off when talking to you. (the force was strong w/in him at that moment!)

in all seriousness. i was so glad you made it and had a blast. i appreciate all of your help at the CNI booth. you were awesome. hell..you ARE awesome! you will always be one of our CNI girls! :) you rock. i wok. (well, i'm asian!)